Mail Order

Mail Order Autographs (Accepting To October 30th, 2018)

Limited Numbers Accepted: For those that cannot attend the Pop Con Milwaukee Land of the Lost Reunion, our cast has agreed to sign a very limited number of mail order items. Fans will be able to send in their very own items, or purchased limited edition items created exclusively for the Land of the Lost Reunion Event.

Items accepted are photos, magazines, lunch boxes, toys, board games, posters, original art, cards, or other collectibles. Celebrities have the right to refuse any item.

Items must be at our office by Tuesday, October 30th, 2018. No packages will be accepted after that date.

Your Item (Mail Order):

Land of the Lost

  • Spencer Milligan ($60 Flat up to 11×14, larger bulky items $80)
  • Kathy Coleman ($50 any item)
  • Phil Paley ($50 any item)
  • Wesley Eure ($50 any item)
  • Sharon Baird ($50 any item)
  • Joe Giamavla ($50 any item)
  • John Lambert ($50 any item)
  • Cleveland Porter ($50 any item)
  • Bill Boyd ($50 any item)
  • Ron Masak ($50 any item)
  • David Greenwood ($50 any item)

Celebrity Attendees

  • Hillbilly Jim ($50 Any Item)
  • Jake Milliman ($40 Any Item)
  • Herman Schaefer ($30 Any Item)
  • Jeremy Ambler ($30 Any Item)
  • Dave Krieg ($50 Any Item)
  • Felix Mantilla ($25 Any Item)

The Pop Con Staff will make our best attempts to photograph each item being signed. Photographs will be uploaded for you to grab after the signing. Pop Con Milwaukee cannot guarantee that your item will be photographed as it is signed by the celebrity, but will make a reasonable attempt to do so.

Please email Troy R. Kinunen at . We will email a Mail Order Form for you to complete and send to us with your item. The Mail Order Form will include description of our item, pricing, pen color, location of signature. Pop Con Milwaukee cannot guarantee placement of signature on your item, but we will make every reasonable attempt to do so. We have conducted over 500+ private signings over the past 30 years, and are very experienced with the process. Return shipping will be a separate charge.


Our Items

For those that cannot attend, Pop Con Milwaukee will be offering a limited number of photos signed by our guests. Images For Sale (Mail Order & At Show) At $10.00 Each.

Joe Giamalva (#1)
Bill Boyd (#2)
Spencer Milligan, Wesley Eure, Kathy Coleman (#3)
Ron Masak & Vince Lombardi (#4)
Rare Color Cast Photo (#5)
Sharon Baird, Phil Paley, Joe Giamalva (#6)
Wesely Eure, Kathy Coleman, Spencer Milligan (#7)
Kathy Coleman (#8)
Wesley Eure, Spencer Milligan, Kathy Coleman (#9)
Phil Paley, Sharon Baird, Joe Giamalva, Spencer Milligan, Kathy Coleman, Wesley Eure (#10)
Kathy Coleman (#11)
Phil Paley (#12)
Spencer Milligan, Kathy Coleman, Wesley Eure. Pre-Air Showing Rare Photo. (#13)
Cleveland Porter, Bill Boyd, Kathy Colemen, Spencer Milligan, Phil Paley, Spencer Milligan (#14)
Spencer Milligan (#15)
Simpsonized Cast Photo (#16)
Ron Masak (#17)
Cleveland Porter, Bill Boyd (#18)
Kathy Coleman, Phil Paley, Spencer Milligan (#19)
Bill Boyd, Cleveland Porter (#20)
Sleestaks (#21)